What We Do

«Jiw» in Wolof means the seed, «Nit» the human. This metaphor illustrates our mission: To plant the seeds of Humanity all over the world. JiwNit encourages a vision of development based on the awareness of human power, love and the significance of the Self concerning the world that surrounds us. Recognizing that in the 21st century the human being must not be destructive but salvaging, the return to ‘being human’ is essential. Hence, the ambition of our association is to plant a seed of humanity to respond to current social and nutritional issues as well to address happiness.

Why We Do

The association JiwNit supports environmental, cultural, ecological, agricultural, educational and social projects. Its action is based on the creation of alternative solutions providing for our existential needs in rural but also urban zones. Our projects are based on the logic of self-consciousness and rethinking development while valuing the intercultural and spiritual exchange residing in the image of a Patchwork fabric.

Who We Are

JiwNit was born from the encounter of a dozen people from all over the world. We wish to pool our energies in a global project, each person bringing in their domain of expertise. Our association JiwNit was born in Dakar and Cologne in 2018, in Bordeaux 2019 and is aspiring to expand beyond national borders to other parts of the world.

No one possesses the monopoly of solutions and knowledge. This is the reason why we use the wealth of all individuals in the fairest and equitable way possible.


Creating together by action and engagement. We think that by reflecting together, we can develop concrete actions and generate shared roaming spaces of creation which will bear fruits in the long term.

Creating, not bringing

Independence and liberty could not be imagined separately. Independence is not defined in here as as autarchy. It is hard to do things solely without the help of others. Hence, we aim to choose actions collectively while thinking independently of exterior influences.

Independence and Liberty