September 2019

In early September, we received the organic and reproducible seeds offered by Kokopelli: icon of the defence of seeds against agro-industry! Kokopelli is dedicated to the production of seeds from agro-ecology, and support farming communities all over the world.

After consultation with Amdy M. Senghor, who is in charge of vegetable production, we considered it appropriate to first experiment, among this wide range of seeds, with the types of seeds adapted to the rainy season. The first seeds start to germinate. Nurseries have also started to flourish. We hope for a good yield, despite our still infertile land that requires a lot to be treated. We compost but it is still sufficient by far.

Speaking of treatment, after the water test, which has already shown a slightly high salinity level, we are going to have the soil analyzed. The samples will be taken very soon. We will seek advice from our soil experts, remaining open to any proposal for solutions to make our soils highly profitable.