September 2019

The week of September 25 to October 3, 2019, we received Jay’s visit (Lush) in Kamyaak as part of the project to build the “Treebogs” and install rainwater harvesting systems for market gardening (with gutters) but also swales, for water retention to create permanent wetlands.

Together with the people of Kamyaak, under Jay’s supervision, we were able to build, as planned in the project document, two “Treebogs”: one in our own fiefdom and the other at the village public place for populations.

Besides the importance of the “treebogs” which combine, in an interactive report, toilets and trees, especially for those populations whose access to adapted toilets remains a great luxury, we noted a good reception of the project from the beneficiaries, as well as a very strong participation in the implementation. We also took this opportunity, which brought together men, women and children from all over the village, to once again spread our objectives for the development of all, in co-construction and solidarity; without omitting to discuss on future projects, especially with women.