May 2020

We, “Jiwnit”, live and work in the Senegalese countryside in the “ecovillage of Kamyaak” (Tattaguine) with many villages around us and we do our best to build a sustainable locality, a place to live with different perspectives, a place for improvement.

Our Community is very aware of Corona’s situation, and that is why we take the responsibility to do something in our environment.

The confinement in our country, Senegal, leads to a huge problem, since our social system is based on a communitarian, mobile and informal society. Ninety percent of the population works every day to earn money to get the food they need today.

It is time to realise that some people are able to stay at home in confinement and others are not.

Confinement = No work
No work = no money
No money = no food

The Corona virus has no boundaries. Thanks to the Coronavirus crisis, we all realize that we can no longer be in between. Let’s take advantage of this crisis to understand that we are all connected and strong together.

We are looking for financial support to cover the basic needs of our region. We are well aware that the virus no longer has borders. That is why we will defeat it together.

All donations collected during this campaign are reinvested in the purchase of basic necessities for the neighbouring villages in Kamyaak as a priority.

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Orange money 🇸🇳 +221 773 27 45 99
Litchi Kitty 🇫🇷…
Account Germany 🇩🇪 IBAN: DE11 8306 5408 0004 0930 54

Thank you!
Nio Far (We are together)
Team Jiwnit