«Kamyaak Village» in Senegal is the first project of the association «JiwNit». This village wants to set an example that is not only spiritual but also social, economical, philosophical, poetic and cultural.


It is a genuine humanitarian project of society, of sustainable and local development, fighting for well-being, dignity, and the empowerment of disadvantaged communities. «Kamyaak Village» is created by locals for locals and everyone else to find solutions to problems that our world is currently facing.


Considering the present-day challenges of social injustice, poverty, knowledge and exodus, this project helps to reflect upon the ways of finding solutions that certain domains are not able to provide.

In Kamyaak, farming conditions are a considerable obstacle. The sandy soil, lack of trees and vegetation, as well as the range of rainfall all have an important impact on agricultural and pastoral production. Furthermore, the phenomenon of rural exodus in this region, like in many other regions of Senegal, constitutes a serious issue. Also clandestine immigration to Europe as well as the lack of infrastructure are crucial obstacles for the population’s ability to become self-sufficient in socio-economic terms as well as in food sovereignty.


The Seereer village Kamyaak is located 122km of the capital Dakar. The region of Sine is of historical importance and still enclosed and rooted in many of its traditions. The village owes its name to a kind man named Yaak. This man, so the story goes, drilled a well called «gam» in seereer, which people from surrounding areas would get water from. Even though slightly changed from its origin, villagers carry the name of Kamyaak until today.

Kamyaak is indeed a peaceful village with a rudimentary lifestyle where residents rely only on agriculture (mainly millet and peanuts) and livestock to ensure their subsistence. Thus they are facing many of the difficulties that these two sectors typically carry.


The project leader, Sahad Sarr, intends to create a site of education, professional work and spiritual training. Our tools and fields of work for this project are the following:


 Renewable Energy

 Natural Building

   Animal Farming


   Traditional Medicine


Center of Training