On request, we organize workshops:

Treebog (Compost toilet)

We have built special composting toilets that are absolutely adapted to the environment and culture in Senegal. Around the peat bog, about 30 trees are planted. The roots of the trees feed on excrement and urine and produce a large harvest.

We are convinced of the concept of compost and wish to pass on our knowledge. For the following reasons, we would like to spread the Peat bogs in Senegal.

i) Peat bogs can absorb the washing water that people use here instead of toilet paper.
ii) it is not necessary to handle or move faeces until they have been composted on the ground, which would have the effect of altering the crops
is unacceptable and open defecation predominates.
(iii) There is no need to separate urine and faeces – all water, organic matter and nutrients remain in the bog.
and are available for growing plants and trees.

If you have projects that need toilets, this would be a very good thing. Especially in schools to teach children to think ecologically from an early age. We are open to exchange or come and help you build your own Treebog.

Our group is able to build Treebogs and give a workshop on the following topics :
1. Advantages and function of the Treebog
2. Why are trees important?
3. How are trees planted and cared for?
4. The composting process

Rainwater Harvest System 

This involves gullies, rainwater harvesting from all covered structures and a rainwater pond to absorb water into the landscape to help trees and other plants grow to their full potential, maximizing their yield potential.

Construction of Sandbag – Ecodomes

JiwNit is part of a logic that allows rethinking building and architectural models, while encouraging the use of natural materials and renewable resources.

  • Possibility of professional development in the field of bio-construction
  • To help every human being to be able to build their own homes.
  • To respond to the economic, social, and cultural problems of the planet in a transversal and holistic way.
  • Contribute to sustainable development and promote a responsible future in Africa.
  • To build a sustainable community together.

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